What is Tribute Ads.com?

Our website allows you to fundraise by purchasing congratulatory or tribute ads for your loved ones to be printed in a school yearbook or publication. The site allows customers to create and pay for the ad online. Simply register to create an account, choose the ad size and template, upload photographs, enter text, save all work and check out. If you don’t feel comfortable creating your ad online, you may mail all ad materials to us and we will create and design the ad for you using one of our templates. 

Tribute Ads:

Can also assist with creation and publishing a Tribute Magazine to showcase a business or organization and their tribute ads or advertisements.  We provide free email service and order forms to market the ad campaign. Our customer service department can be reached by calling our toll free phone number 843-818-3153 or by emailing help@tributeads.com, Monday through Friday from 9 AM - 5 PM EST. 

Tribute Ads will then:

For our yearbook customers; once the final deadline has been reached for customer submissions, our team will create all parent ad pages in jpeg format so the school can simply import the jpeg into the layout of the yearbook pages. We will then mail the school the revenue check and a final report of all ads purchased.

Refund Policy

All ad transactions are final. If a customer is dissatisfied with their advertisement due to misspellings by Tribute Ads on ads we designed for you, then the customer has the right to request full refund of our school service fee. This is a fundraiser and refunds are based on the service contract fee between Tribute Ads and the school or organization. Tribute Ads does not edit any copy that is submitted unless there is profanity, copyright infringement or any libelous text. Please Google copyright laws and review. We will contact the customer if this edit process occurs.

No refund is available if a customer purchased an ad through our website portal and misspelled any text in the ad they purchased. The ad will be printed the way they are typed and submitted. The ad builder at our site does have a spell check feature which the customer may utilize during the ad design process.

Return Policy

Tribute Ads will mail all hard copy photographs that were received for creating the ads back to the parents after the tribute magazine or yearbooks have been distributed.

Cancellation Policy

If a yearbook advertisement has not been submitted to the organization or yearbook publisher by the high school yearbook staff, the parent may request a full refund from the school.

Delivery/Shipping Policy

All advertisements will be submitted to the organization manager or the yearbook advisor. All hard copy photos will be mailed to the parents after your Tribute Ad Magazine or yearbooks have been distributed to the students or athletes. Please check with the organization manager or yearbook advisor to find out when the Tribute Magazine or yearbook distribution date is.